23/23 Prayer Circle 

12X - 23/23 Amplified Prayer Healing Portal Days - Live Prayer Sessions...

Join 10,00+ in Prayer EACH MONTH

Leverage  Prayer to Receive & Contribute in 2023
LIVE Interactive Prayers At Noon On the 23rd Day of Each Month...
**PLUS Sound Vibration Soul Song of 2023**
The Planet Needs You & Your Contribution In Prayer...
The world is in an interesting evolutionary precipice... have you noticed?

Each of us is being asked to step up... to wake up to our great power.

We are being nudged firmly to move into a new paradigm of openness, authenticity, and love in a more pure and genuine way.

Know that things are changing, and even if it doesn't look like it... the truth is coming forward, lies are being exposed, and love is rising up.

And the absolute proven way to support this pivotal moment of healing is through the remarkable miracle that is prayer.
ONLY 30 Days in Any New Century Where the Day Matches the Year...
When I was guided to create this now famous Prayer Circle, I was shown that there are ONLY 30 years in each new century where the number of the day matches the number of the year.

And on those days, which match the year, there is a "numerological" portal present that contains intensely supportive prayer energies.

The 23/23 Prayer Circle is now here to support you in healing and contribution.

Almost 100,000 amazing souls have joined in contribution to this prayer circle over the last 7 years... 

And actual miracles have been experienced by participants including:
  • Health challenges that simply cleared up
  • ​Profound life changes for family and friends
  • ​A deep sense of connection and contribution to be part of something that made a difference
LIVE Interactive Prayers At Noon On the 23rd Day of Each Month...
You'll be joining in LIVE each month at 12:00 noon pacific/California time (1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern/New York time)...

AND you'll have immediate access to any previous months prayer circles.

The initial part of the Prayer circle involves personal healing, so you have those amazing deeply healing replays to access of past monthly Prayer Circles.

PLUS  **BONUS**  December 22/22 Final Prayer Circle

Not only are you about to receive access to the 23/23 Prayer Circle AND Soul Song of 2023..

But you will ALSO gain access the final session for 22/22, and it's a DOOZEY.

This session will include a completion healing and ceremony to finish off this crazy, fascinating year.

So register here FREE (or a love offering of your choice), which gets you 13 prayer healing sessions.

Prepare to heal and support your life as you contribute to relieving the pains and suffering of friends, family, and the world.

Then the January 23/23 Prayer Circle on January 23, 2023, will be a special intention-setting prayer session to get the year started well.
 Jennifer, I have been part of your prayer circle for a few years now. What I really notice after the prayer circles is that any food I eat tastes amazing. Everything I see looks sharper and vibrant. It is so powerful." 
~ Susan
Prayer Makes THE Difference... For You, For All.
Prayer is now scientifically proven to make THE difference.

The scientific field of the study of prayer is called neurotheology and these scientists have found that the brains of people who spend time in prayer and meditation are different.

It shows how the neuroplasticity of the brain actually opens new channels through prayer... 

And those new pathways can create a new life.

I have found that to be absolutely true over the years.

Since 2011, tens of thousands have gathered in prayer each month on the day that matches the year (in this case 23/23).

These Prayer Circle gatherings have supported individual lives, the lives of friends and families, and those struggling and suffering on the planet.

Right here, on this page, you have a chance to contribute each month as we meet together, en masse, to make THE difference to those in your life and those on the planet who are suffering... 

And, in the process, you are also served deeply.

The 2023 "23/23 Prayer Circle” is now upon us.

I invite you to join in and connect with this large community as we together tap into the power of transformation through the universal language of love that is prayer.

It starts LIVE on January 23 and runs on the 23rd of each month for the year.

You not only pray with tens of thousands creating a field of transformation that is unstoppable.

But these prayer circles are also is interactive...

Personal Readings and Prayer Healings TOO:

There are usually personal and individual healings that also occur as I open the lines and take your questions.

These powerfully healing prayer circles occur and continue on the 23rd day of each month for the rest of the year at 12 PM California Time.

This is your chance to join me, Jennifer McLean, each month in 2023 to lay an unshakable, energetic foundation of love and light for you, your friends and family, and the planet.

Use this sacred opportunity to move through this 2023 year with clear, unwavering intentions and a new monthly practice of creation through prayer...

And receive the boundless benefits of a supported life with healing prayer in it.
Consider the profound shifts we can shape with this large, powerful, AND committed group!
A new awakening is happening, through the trials of 2020 through to 2022. The energies of this 2023rd year are fresh and new, ready for your imprint of love through prayer. 

This prayer circle is here to help you create a container, prepared and at-the-ready to both give in healing prayer...

And receive for personal repair and restoration.
Prayer to support you and all on the planet during these uniques times...
Imagine meeting with like-minded individuals every month in this 2023 year.

Gathering with the intention to pray, to feel, receive, and reciprocate the energies of stillness, healing, and transformation that prayer yields.

We have the chance to change the old paradigms of competition, greed, blame, and judgment... and open the door to birthing something brand new for you and the planet.
  • --- Are you ready to contribute your energy to real change in your life and that of those on the planet?
  • --- Will you commit to bringing your conscious intention to a deliberate practice of regular transformative prayer?
  • --- Are you willing to be an instrument for peace and a beacon of light for a troubled world?
PLUS... 15th Annual Tradition:
Healing Sound Vibration - Your Soul Song Of 2023

Your **FREE** audio files include the 2023 Sound Vibration VOICE Soul Song, The 2023 Sound Vibration FLUTE Soul Song, and BONUS "Joyful!Joyful!" Sound Vibration chant.

Sound vibration, when used in a healing intention, is proven to be a powerful catalyst for change.

Music is also being tested in labs around the world, with evidence mounting that it actually changes and assists in the creation of new modes of positive behavior.

And you will have the chance to download The Soul Song Of 2023 and experience the power of this healing music.

Some background info on my sound Vibration gifts:

About 30 years ago, when I was training to be a healer, I spontaneously made a tone while I was in the best acoustical place in my home (my bathroom).
I felt a magical frequency travel beneath my skin, and all the way to my bones, resonating with healing... 

And it was that moment where true change occurred.

As years went by, toning became a soothing treatment and habit for me, and a potent new tool I used for myself and with my healing clients.

It's as if these sounds would penetrate within and the vibration would create healing as pain diminished, old patterns of illness declined, thoughts became clearer, more precise and life seemed to be brighter.

I started exploring Sound Vibration Healing more extensively by developing these transformational tones into channeled acoustical anchoring songs... and the results were even more pronounced.

This "acoustical anchoring" penetrates deep into the unconscious, establishing a new pattern of wholeness as it vibrates the old debris out.

What I now call Soul Songs have become proven curative tools that create real change. 

And all you have to do is listen.

This is an annual tradition of healing soul songs (one voice, one flute) that deliver pure transformational support as you move through the year.

Together, the 23 | 23 Prayer Circle and Sound Vibration Acoustical Anchoring Soul Songs of 2023 will help you transition from the lessons of 2020 and metamorphose them into a new version of you in 2023.
An Experiment Showing The Power Of Sound Vibration
The video reveals how sound vibration actually creates mandalas. If this is what happens on a sound plate, imagine what healing sound energy can do for your body, for your being. The 2023 Sound Vibration Channeled Soul Song delivers on the promise of sound vibration healing.
THE FREQUENCIES  in THIS YEAR'S 2023 Sound Vibration Channeled Acoustical Anchoring SOUL SONGS Include:
Your Soul Songs will move in and vibrate at a laser-focused, high-frequency level, supporting you in potent healing energies just by listening.

Many listen to the Sound Vibration Soul Song as part of their daily healing practice throughout the year. 

Once you feel the energies through the music, you will sense an opening to, and aligning with, these themes of 2023.

I promise you will want to listen again and again. 

Each time you listen to these channeled healing Soul Songs, they will clear and support you to access the expanded layers of support available to you during this powerful year.

Psychic Impressions of Frequencies Channeled into 2023 Soul Songs...

2023 TRUTH, Truth, truth (& more truth)...
The past several years of the profound change that the pandemic created have revealed the shadow that we are being asked to now heal. All of humanity and every soul on this planet is being nudged into understanding their personal truth. It's a time of sorting out the fearful mind from the truth and the heart's truth. The broader "truth" is also showing up and for some, they will need to make BIG adjustments as we all understand that there is a greater truth of the importance of love, light, and power and what that really is. Expect an abundance of the revelation of the things we had no idea was happening. And it isn't what you think, it isn't some broad conspiracy, it is simply light nudging light forward. Truth is the potency of 2023, and it is going to change a lot of hearts and minds. There will be those that resist and that may cause some conflict... yet the truth of love is the trajectory and will ultimately win incrementally over time.
2023 Power Exalted Through Truth & Love

Truth being the dominant theme will allow those who explore and heal the shadow to be exalted into their power. This power of 2023 is pure divine power, the personal power of individuals simply discovering their natural state of beingness. The individuals with their personal power activated will withstand the "slings and arrows" of those who are afraid of this. These healed-up, power-filled souls will rise up in their families, communities, and some on national stages, modeling what healed-up authentic beingness in their power is like. These individuals will also claim new boundaries and are able to reveal those boundaries in a way that they must be honored by those they are interacting with. They will now understand how to heal themselves even more, how to support themselves cleanly how to be in good shape no matter what is happening, and able to bring that into the world.

2023 New Ways...

New ways of being, new approaches to doing, new inventions and innovations, new perceptions, new understandings, new truths is the pathway of 2023. There is a progression from the recent years into 2023, to longer allow repression and suppression in just about all areas of life. This will likely not make the news, it will be subtle but strong. This is incremental and iterative in a real expansion. This comes from the bottom up, with within out. This openness and expansion from repression represents a step by step breakthroughs in all areas of life. Including on the planet; from cleaner water and addressing climate change in the environment and on the global stage, to democracy breaking through autocracies around the world. It also includes cleaner thoughts and behaviors on the personal. This is a step by step process, progressing to the great truth of love in action. This is the next iteration from last years energies of including: Real solution energies are here for us. We will see the beginnings of totally new approaches to many things, including changes to systems, ways of thinking, new inventions to handle the challenges, and more. This is divine personal power in action.  

The frequencies flowing through these powerful healing Sound Vibration Soul Songs of 2023 are your source of support throughout the next 12 months and include the frequencies of 2023 mentioned above.

Each year these frequencies change, and the channeled sound vibration music you are about to receive matches these new frequencies.

The frequencies of support in this sound vibration music include the soul impressions shared above.

Plus, the timing and tempo of these Soul Songs match any given day, week, month, and the whole year, meaning that the ups, and downs of each moment of this year are reflected in the special healing soul songs.

As you listen, you will hear the echos of the vibrations for all 365 days at the macrocosm, and at the microcosm, you will experience the healing melodies for the day you are listing.

Know that these flute and voice sound vibration soul songs contain within them these unique vibrational supports and frequencies that will deliver consistent healing throughout the year.

All of these frequencies of the healing energies in these songs are here for us if and when we choose it.

Just listen whenever you need a healing boost of these frequencies and be reminded of your power no matter what the year brings.
3 Tracks In Your Sound Vibration Soul Songs Of 2023...

Track 1 - The Sound Vibration Channeled Soul Song of 2023

Track 2 - The Sound Vibration Flute Soul Song of Support for 2023

BONUS Track 3 - Joyful!Joyful!
Remember: It's A One-Time Registration For All 23/23 Prayer Circles & Soul Song of 2023

By registering below, you will gain access to the Soul Songs of 2023 and the 23 | 23 Prayer Circles to envelop you and your loved ones in a profound state of love and support through the year.

I (Prayer Leader and Healer Jennifer McLean) will focus very specific attention on each person who registers; however, you must register (with a love offering or free) to allow me to tap in and support you in receiving these energies.

Just click below to register (one time for all the prayer calls), then call in or listen to the LIVE webcast over the course of the whole year of 12 prayers (1 per month).

Plus, we will also have streaming audio replays and downloads available for you to listen to online, at your leisure, as part of your participation.

NOTE: If you are joining us after January 23rd, no worries...  You can still participate at any time within the year.  Your powerfully healing audios will be waiting for you from any previous months.
Here Are Your Prayer Circle & Soul Song Details...
The 23rd day of each month (replays and downloads available and EXTREMELY powerful)

Plus, **BONUS final 22/22 Prayer Circle** On Dec 22. 2022. You'll receive a unique "finishing the year" healing prayer.
You'll be able to join the 23/23 Prayer Circle live at 12pm (noon) Pacific/California Time each month
Once registered, you will access an exclusive 23/23 Prayer Circle Prayer Listening & Download Salon (All the details on how to access and listen to live calls and download the recordings will be emailed to you.)
You can download and listen to these miraculous healing sound vibration supports (Flute & Voice Soul Song PLUS Joyful!Joyful!) as soon as you register 
These are here for you  for FREE or a love offering.... you choose at checkout if you would like to register for free or provide a love offering (greatly appreciated!) from the sliding scale provided... cool, huh?
12 LIVE Prayers in Community, 1 per month... Jan 23, Feb 23, March 23, April 23, May 23, June 23, July 23, August 23, September 23, October 23, November 23, December 23.

Prayers are LIVE at 12:00  noon pacific/California time (1 pm Mountain, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern/New York time)...

In each monthly prayer, you'll receive (and give) healing prayer for yourself, for friends and family, for souls suffering in hot spots on the planet, and for the earth itself.

Plus, you'll receive the Free Sound Vibration Healing Soul Song of 2023 & Healing Flute Song Of 2023 PLUS the bonus healing song Joyful!Joyful!, to support you all year.
Love Offering... Or FREE...
Below you will find a sliding scale of choices for you to invest in you.

Here is how you decide:

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Feel into the choices below and choose the one which most supports YOU.

Choose the option (love offering or free choice) that will allow these Healing Prayers and Soul Songs to “stick” with you and open you and the planet fully.

Choose the one that will allow you to receive as deeply as possible.

Then you will receive access to the live monthly prayer calls, the audio replays and downlaos and the downloads of the Soul Songs.

Simple, right?

NOTE: there are 6 different love offerings to choose from... something for everyone's budget for 12 powerful healing prayers for personal and global tranformation.
You Receive...
  • ​​​12 Powerful Healing Prayers: Each month leveraging the prayer healing portal established from the day that matches the year (23/23), you will participate LIVE in a miraculous and healing prayer circle supporting you, your friends and family, and those suffering on the planet. PLUS BONUS Dec 22/22 "completion" prayer circle. 
  • ​Join tens of thousands: this is a VERY popular prayer circle with 13 years and hundreds of thousands joining in over that time span. The annual prayer attracts 10,000+ souls coming together to amplify the prayer energies. It's your turn to join in a contribute.
  • Only happens in the first 30 years of a new century: you are able to tap into the powerful energies of the 23rd day of each month in this powerful 2023 year to heal you as you contribute to the healing of all... Make THE difference
  • ​Contribute As You Receive: The powerful channeled prayers allow you to experience the 4 phases of prayer that I (Jennifer) deliver with each Prayer Circle... 1) Spontaneous Transformation Prayer for deeply healing YOU, 2) Prayer of Appreciation and sacred healing for friends and family 3) Prayer healing for those suffering on the planet 4) prayer gifs for mother earth... WOW!
  • Sound Vibration Acoustical Anchoring Soul Songs of 2023: Download the Channeled Soul Songs of 2023  (1 flute, 1 voice plus bonus Joyful! Joyful!Joyful!), supporting you throughout the year with healing frequencies just by listening.
  •  **BONUS** Joyful!Joyful Sound Vibration Healing Song: this remarkably healing song by Johann Sebastian Bach will not only support your transformation but will lift your spirits. And it is ready for you to download just as soon as you pick which option you would like to receive below.
  • Downloads available for each prayer and Soul Songs: you will be able to download the 23/23 Prayer Circle as soon as it is recorded for extended healing over and over again. PLUS, the soul Songs are also downloadable for continual support throughout the year.
  • ​Prayers are live: on the 23rd day of each month at 12:00 noon pacific/California time (1 pm Mountain, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern/New York time)
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I appreciate your minimum donation to cover my costs for this event (it costs us about $6.50 per person per prayer circle (about $78/year per person), BUT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO. 

If free is your only option, simply choose the "Free" button if you cannot or would rather not donate.

We will be in touch shortly via email to deliver information about how to participate in these life-changing prayers and access your Soul Songs of 2023. 

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An energetic healer trained in various modalities, she combines her powerful intuitive gifts of emotional and spiritual discernment, with Shamanic Journeying practices, her Sound Vibration modality, plus Spontaneous Transformation Technique and Attunements, to assist you in lovingly identifying and compassionately releasing the stories and events that have kept you from living a magnificent life. 

Her acclaimed Spontaneous Transformation Technique, is an innovative, proven healing method, helps you shift withheld energy in the body to successfully liberate yourself from various ailments and heartaches. With over 1000 trained certified practitioners in this system it is quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

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