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Retail for ALL This Healing: $1,110

NOTE: there are 6 different love offerings to choose from... something for everyone's budget delivering 12 powerful healing prayers for personal and global tranformation.
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Here's What's Included:
  • ​​​​12 Powerful Healing Prayers: Each month leveraging the prayer healing portal established from the day that matches the year (20/20), you will participate LIVE in a miraculous and healing prayer circle supporting you, your friends and family and those suffering on the planet
  • ​Only happens in the first 30 years of a new century: you are able to tap into the powerful energies of the 20th day of each month in this powerful 2020 year to heal you as you contribute to the healing of all... Make THE difference
  • ​​Contribute As You Receive: The powerful channeled prayers allow you to experience the 4 phases of prayer that I (Jennifer) deliver with each Prayer Circle... 1) Spontaneous Transformation Prayer for deeply healing YOU, 2) Prayer of Appreciation and sacred healing for friends and family 3) Prayer healing for those suffering on the planet 4) prayer gifs for mother earth... WOW!
  • ​Sound Vibration Acoustical Anchoring Soul Songs of 2020: Download the Channeled Soul Songs of 2020 (1 flute, 1 voice), supporting you throughout the year with healing frequencies just by listening.
  • ​**BONUS** Joyful!Joyful Sound Vibration Healing Song: this remarkably healing song by Johann Sebastian Bach, will not only support your transformation, but will lift your spirits. AND it is ready for you to download just as soon as you pick which option you would like to receive at below.
  • ​Downloads available for each prayer and Soul Songs: you will be able to download the 20/20 Prayer Circle as soon as it is recorded for extended healing over and over again. PLUS the soul Songs are also downloadable for continual support throughout the year.
  • ​Prayers are live: on the 20th day of each month at 12:00 noon pacific/California time (1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern/New York time)
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